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OVERVIEW: There is a number of different systems of measurement units in use throughout the world. The most widely used system of units is the SI which represents the internationally recognised standard metric system. provides a free and easy to use online calculator for making conversions between units of measurement in different systems of units. Examples of measurement units you can find on this site include: customary units (acres, miles per hour, square feet, degrees Fahrenheit, pounds, gallons, cubic inches, fluid ounces, etc.), SI units (meters per second, kilograms per cubic meter, joules, etc.), and non-SI units (liters, hectares, tonnes, kilowatt hours, minutes, mmHg, etc.).

Aside from conversion calculators, also provides several common calculators you can easily use online. In addition, our website also provides a series of yearly calendars, monthly planners and weekly planners in PDF format for easy printing. Thank you for visiting