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second (unit of time), pl. seconds, abbr. s

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About second

The second is the base unit of time in the International System of Units (SI).

One second (s) is equal to 109 nanoseconds (ns), or 106 microseconds (μs) or 103 milliseconds (ms), which are SI units of time. 1 second is also equal to 1/60 minutes (min), or 1/3,600 hours (h) or 1/86,400 days (d), which are non-SI units of time but accepted for use along with other SI units.

The seconds are commonly used throughout the world for timekeeping. Times of this magnitude (i.e., on the second time scale) can be measured by using a clock.

Symbol: s

Plural: seconds

Subdivisions and multiples of the second using SI prefixes

Subdivisions of the second
Name Symbol Value
decisecond ds 10-1 s
centisecond cs 10-2 s
millisecond ms 10-3 s
microsecond μs 10-6 s
nanosecond ns 10-9 s
picosecond ps 10-12 s
femtosecond fs 10-15 s
attosecond as 10-18 s
zeptosecond zs 10-21 s
yoctosecond ys 10-24 s
Multiples of the second
Name Symbol Value
decasecond das 101 s
hectosecond hs 102 s
kilosecond ks 103 s
megasecond Ms 106 s
gigasecond Gs 109 s
terasecond Ts 1012 s
petasecond Ps 1015 s
exasecond Es 1018 s
zettasecond Zs 1021 s
yottasecond Ys 1024 s

Second conversions: a list with conversions from seconds to other (metric, imperial, or customary) time measurement units is displayed below.

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