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tonne (metric unit of mass), pl. tonnes, abbr. t

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About tonne

The tonne (also megagram, metric ton or metric tonne) is a unit of mass in the metric system equal to 1,000 kilograms (1 t = 1,000 kg), the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI).

One tonne (t) is also equal to 106 grams (g) or 109 milligrams (mg) (SI units of mass), or 1.102311 short tons (a US customary unit of mass), or 0.984206 long tons (an Imperial unit of mass), or approximately 2,204.62 pounds (lb) or 35,273.96 ounces (oz), which are US customary / Imperial units of mass.

The tonne is a non-SI unit of mass but officially accepted for use along with other SI units.

Symbol: t

Plural: tonnes

Also known as: metric ton (plural: metric tons, used in the US), metric tonne (plural: metric tonnes), megagram (plural: megagrams, symbol: Mg, the SI units and prefixes)

Tonne conversions: a detailed list with conversions from tonnes to other (metric, imperial, or customary) mass and weight measurement units is displayed below.

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