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About cup (FDA)

The cup (FDA) is a unit of volume equal to 0.00024 cubic meters (1 cup (FDA) = 0.00024 m3), the derived unit of volume in the International System of Units (SI).

The cup (FDA) is also equal to 240,000 cubic millimeters (mm3), or 240 cubic centimeters (cm3) or 0.24 cubic decimeters (dm3) (units of volume in the SI), or 240 milliliters (mL), or 24 centiliters (cL), or 2.4 deciliters (dL) or 0.24 liters (L), which are units of volume in the metric system.

The cup definition varies as follows:

  • The cup (UK), equal to 0.2841 liters or 284.1 cubic centimeters
  • The cup (US), equal to 0.23659 liters or 236.59 cubic centimeters
  • The cup (metric), equal to 0.25 liters or 250 cubic centimeters
  • The cup (Canada), equal to 0.2273 liters or 227.3 cubic centimeters
  • The cup (Japan), equal to 0.2 liters or 200 cubic centimeters
  • The cup (FDA), equal to 0.24 liters or 240 cubic centimeters

The cup (FDA) is used in the United States for nutritional labeling purposes.

FDA is an abbreviation for "Food and Drug Administration".

Plural: cups (FDA)

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