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foot per minute (unit of speed), pl. feet per minute, abbr. ft/min

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About foot per minute

The foot per minute (or foot/minute) is a unit of speed in the Imperial and US customary systems of units equal to about 0.00508 meters per second (1 ft/min = 0.00508 m/s), the derived unit of speed in the International System of Units (SI).

One foot per minute (ft/min) is also equal to approximately 0.018288 kilometers per hour (km/h), or 0.0113636 miles per hour (mph), or 0.2 inches per second (in/s) or approximately 0.0098747 knots (kn).

The speed is the distance traveled by an object during a period of time. Thus, feet per minute (or feet/minute) show how many feet are traveled in one minute. The foot is a unit of length in the Imperial / US customary system of units while the minute is a unit of time.

Symbol: ft/min

Plural: feet per minute

Foot per minute conversions: a compehensive list with conversions from feet per minute to other (metric, imperial, or customary) speed and velocity measurement units is given below.

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