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lusec (unit of power), pl. lusec, abbr. lusec

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About lusec

The lusec is a unit of power equal to about 1.333 × 10-4 watts (1 lusec = 1.333 × 10-4 W), the derived unit of power in the International System of Units (SI).

One lusec is also equal to 0.1333 milliwatts (mW), or 1.333 × 10-7 kilowatts (kW), or 1.333 × 10-10 megawatts (MW), or 4.5484 × 10-4 British thermal units (IT) per hour (BTU/h), or 1.14694 × 10-4 kilocalories (thermochemical) per hour (kcal/h) or 1.81237 × 10-7 horsepower (metric) (hp).

The lusec is used to measure the performance or leakage of vacuum pumps. One lusec is equivalent to a flow of one liter per second at a pressure of 1 millitorr.

Symbol: lusec

Plural: lusec

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