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newton (unit of force), pl. newtons, abbr. N

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About Newton

The newton is the SI derived unit of force.

One newton (N) is equal to 1,000,000 micronewtons (μN), or 1,000 millinewtons (mN), or 100 centinewtons (cN), or 0.1 decanewtons (daN), or 0.001 kilonewtons (kN) or 10-6 meganewtons (MN), which are units of force in the SI.

The newton represents the amount of force needed to accelerate a mass of one kilogram to one meter per second squared:

1 N = 1 kg × 1 m/s2

Symbol: N

Plural: Newtons

Subdivisions and multiples of the newton using SI prefixes

Subdivisions of the newton
Name Symbol Value
decinewton dN 10-1 N
centinewton cN 10-2 N
millinewton mN 10-3 N
micronewton μN 10-6 N
nanonewton nN 10-9 N
piconewton pN 10-12 N
femtonewton fN 10-15 N
attonewton aN 10-18 N
zeptonewton zN 10-21 N
yoctonewton yN 10-24 N
Multiples of the newton
Name Symbol Value
decanewton daN 101 N
hectonewton hN 102 N
kilonewton kN 103 N
meganewton MN 106 N
giganewton GN 109 N
teranewton TN 1012 N
petanewton PN 1015 N
exanewton EN 1018 N
zettanewton ZN 1021 N
yottanewton YN 1024 N

Newton conversions: a list with conversions from Newtons to other (metric, imperial, or customary) force measurement units is given below.

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