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millipascal (unit of pressure), pl. millipascals, abbr. mPa

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About millipascal

The millipascal is a unit of pressure equal to 0.001 pascals (1 mPa = 0.001 Pa), the SI derived unit of pressure.

The millipascal (mPa) is also equal to 10-6 kilopascals (kPa), or 10-5 hectopascals (hPa), or 9.86923267 × 10-9 atmospheres (atm), or 10-8 bars (bar), or 7.500616 × 10-6 millimeters of mercury at 0 °C (mmHg), or 0.00000401463 inches of water at 4 °C (inH2O), or 1.45037 × 10-7 pounds per square inch (psi), or 2.0885434 × 10-5 pounds per square foot (psf) or 7.50061683 × 10-6 torr (Torr).

The millipascal is equal to 0.001 newtons per square meter (1 mPa = 0.001 N/m2). The newton (N) is a unit of force in the SI while the square meter (m2) is a unit of area in the SI.

Symbol: mPa

Plural: millipascals

Millipascal conversions: a detailed list with conversions from millipascals to other (metric, imperial, or customary) pressure and stress measurement units is displayed below.

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