Kilowatts to gigawatts (kW to GW)

Convert kilowatts to gigawatts

Kilowatts to gigawatts conversion factor

1 kilowatt is equal to 1.0E-6 gigawatts

(1 kW = 1.0E-6 GW)

Kilowatts to gigawatts conversion formula

Power(GW) = Power (kW) × 1.0E-6

Example: How many gigawatts are in 65 kilowatts?

Power(GW) = 65 ( kW ) × 1.0E-6 ( GW / kW )

Power(GW) = 6.5E-5 GWor

65 kW = 6.5E-5 GW

65 kilowatts equals 6.5E-5 gigawatts

Kilowatts to gigawatts conversion table

kilowatts (kW)gigawatts (GW)
10 kW1.0E-5 GW
15 kW1.5E-5 GW
20 kW2.0E-5 GW
25 kW2.5E-5 GW
30 kW3.0E-5 GW
35 kW3.5E-5 GW
40 kW4.0E-5 GW
45 kW4.5E-5 GW
kilowatts (kW)gigawatts (GW)
450 kW0.00045 GW
700 kW0.0007 GW
950 kW0.00095 GW
1200 kW0.0012 GW
1450 kW0.00145 GW
1700 kW0.0017 GW
1950 kW0.00195 GW
2200 kW0.0022 GW

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